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UK Bearings Ltd

Since 1991

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We have a huge selection of bearings, seals, grease and other lubricants making us the number one choice for commercial and industrial customers all over the UK.

We Stock:
NILOS SEALS- large stocks AV JV LSTO and others
LOCTITE - all the popular types in stock
MOLYKOTE - greases and silicones
Universal Joints - single knuckle budget range
DOW CORNING - silicones and Oils
TOLERANCE RINGS  - for shafts and housings
WAVY WASHERS - to suit ball + roller bearings
KEY STEEL - inch + Metric in 300mm / 1000mm lens
SHAFT COLLARS - Inch and Metric up to 3" / 75mm id
Disc Springs - from 6mm id
Silver Steel - 8mm - 30mm in 1m lens
ROSTA - chain + belt tensioners
SKF - ball + roller Bearings
NYLON '6' BAR - 6mm - 100mm OD solid
S / Steel Balls - Stainless Steel 420 Grade 100
+ Surplus Bearings, Seals, Grease, Chain, Sprockets Gears, Castors, Bushes, Circlips, 'O' Rings, Belts and Pullies etc.

No minimum order / Inv. charge

For more information on our full range of services please do not hesitate to call us on 01384 484 141.

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